La inteligencia al servicio de las PYMES y emprendedores

El uso de la Inteligencia Empresarial para ayudar a las empresas a posicionarse, conocer su mercado, a sus clientes y proveedores, fortalecer su marca, imagen en las redes sociales, aprendiendo a negociar en mercados cambiantes.

Conferenciante: LUCIANO HINNA
Fecha: Martes, 25 de Junio, de 16:00 a 18:00 hora Madrid/España (UTC+2)

Impartida en inglés con traducción simultánea a español

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30 years significant experience matured in the private sector (with particular reference to banking), in the public sector and in the non profit sector in the following areas:
• Assistance in internal reorganisation
• Internal auditing
• Management control
• Audit

Audit partner with Deloitte & Touche (1983 – 1992), Ernst & Young (1992 – 1998) carrying out projects for the Italian Red Cross and many governm ent bodies. Since 1998 freelance consultant with the National Trust, Ministry of Health, ASI (Italian Space Authority) and local Public Health structures. Organised management courses with Mini stry of Defence, School for Public
Administration Managers, Home Office, Ministry of Transport, Treasury, Ministry for Education, Post & Telecommunications. Of particular importance, research coordinated in the non profit sector for a group of foundations on the social relevance of micro-credit to immigrants.

Since 1984, parallel to professional activity, note worthy experience in the academic world in the following disciplines:
• auditing
• public accounting
• budgeting and management control in Public Administration in particular in the sectors:

  • Health
  • National Trust
  • Central administration of the State

Appointed Professor in 1992 to Urbino University an d subsequently to Tor Vergata University Rome in 1994 to date. Continuous collaboration with Schools of specialisation and Research Centres, particularly with the Istituto Superiore di Sanità (Superior Health Institute) – Scientific Director of the internal management training courses (1998 – 2000)

Called to serve as member on various Government Commissions since 1990.
Since December 2009 member of the Government Commission “Commissione per la valutazione, la trasparenza e l’Integrità delle pubbliche amministrazioni (CiVIT), an independent authority.